ICT Summer School at Metropolia UAS, 1 – 26 August 2022

ICT Sumer School at Metropolia UAS will be organised in August 2022 for the 22nd time. You are kindly invited to participate!

The list of courses offered and more information about the ICT Summer School can be found in their website. All courses in the ICT Summer School are taught in English. ICT Summer School courses are held in Metropolia Myyrmäki campus in the city of Vantaa.

Time: 1 – 26 August 2022
Application period: 2 – 31 May, 2022
Target group: Students who want to study in an international atmosphere and are interested in information and communication technologies.
Fee: No tuition fees for students of Metropolia’s partner universities, but participating students need to pay for their travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses.


Students from partner universities register with online form:

  • Choose Academic year 2022-2023 and Autumn semester
  • Choose «Technology» as Field of study at Metropolia
  • Choose «ICT Summer School» as Purpose of the short-term mobility period
  • Choose «Information and Communications Technology, 0610» as Degree programme at Metropolia

Deadline for applications 31 May, 2022. Applicants will be informed in June to which courses they are selected for. Please note! The most popular courses can fill up quickly so it is good register as early as possible.

Since there are no tuition fees for students from partner universities, applicants need to provide us with confirmation from home university that:

  1. they are degree students there,
    and that
  2. the home university approves their participation in the ICT Summer School at Metropolia.

Confirmation via e-mail is enough for this purpose.

University Summer Academy en Suecia (Linköping) 2022

La universidad socia Erasmus+ de la ETSINF en Suecia, Linköping University ofrece plazas gratuitas para estudiantes de universidades socias en sus cursos de verano de 4 semanas, del 4 de julio al 29 de julio de 2022.

En caso de interés, debes escribir un email a int_inf@upvnet.upv.es, con asunto «Solicitud Linköping University Summer Academy» hasta el 15 de marzo de 2022, para tener opción a la nominación.

Requisitos: tener al menos 1º superado y nivel de inglés B2.

Tienes toda la información detallada en: https://liu.se/en/article/linkoping-university-summer-academy

5th Linköping University Summer Academy

All courses are at bachelor’s level, credit bearing (7.5 ECTS), will be taught in English and are full-time. For students from LiU’s partner universities the LiU Summer Academy is tuition free.

On 1st February 2022 we will open for students to apply on our website. The admission application deadline is 25th March, 2022 (midnight CET). To apply the student needs a transcript showing 60 ECTS or equivalent passed, as well as a nomination certificate, signed and stamped by their international coordinator.

Housing will be provided; a completely furnished single room with access to a fully equipped shared kitchen. We have an Accommodation package (including rent, bed linen, blanket, internet access, a regional bus pass, a gym membership, and a final room cleaning) for 5500 SEK (approximately 530€).

More information on the LiU Summer Academy can be found at our website: https://liu.se/en/article/linkoping-university-summer-academy or on the following poster:

Tándems lingüísticos ENHANCE – Charla de presentación

Queremos informarte de un proyecto que puede ayudarte a aprender o practicar lenguas extranjeras y a desarrollar competencias de comunicación intercultural, de forma gratuita y sin moverte de casa. Se trata de una iniciativa de ”internacionalización en casa” de la UPV.

Desde 2020 UPV forma parte de una alianza de 7 universidades europeas llamada ENHANCE University Alliance. Este consorcio está desarrollando una especie de “supercampus” y trabajando en muchos proyectos: titulaciones más integradas, más facilitad para la movilidad, investigar e innovar juntos para solucionar problemas y retos medioambientales, urbanos, sociales….

ENHANCE ha creado un proyecto de tándems lingüísticos, que te ofrece la posibilidad de conectar online con estudiantes y personal matriculados en otras universidades de la red ENHANCE para hacer intercambios de conversación con hablantes nativos (o con nivel avanzado).

La próxima semana (jueves 27 enero, 12:00 ) se ha organizado un kick-off meeting (charla de lanzamiento) para la comunidad UPV, que servirá para dar a conocer el proyecto y para resolver cualquier duda. Te invitamos a registrarte a la charla de para conocer el proyecto.


Do you want to learn new languages with native speakers for free?

Join the Language Tandem project within the ENHANCE Alliance, meet people from 7 universities and exchange languages.

Over 700 people have already joined the project and found tandem partners to practice foreign languages with. 

Whether you are planning to study abroad or you want to develop your communication skills, don’t miss this unique opportunity. Register in the link below for the Kick-Off Meeting and find out more about the project.


It will be on Thursday 27 January 2022, 12.00-13:00

Meeting agenda:

1. Language Tandem project presentation

2. How to find a Language Tandem partner – Webex presentation

3. Language & Culture Quiz

4. Questions&Answers session


The Language Tandems within the ENHANCE Alliance is a project for students, doctoral candidates, academic and administrative staff that aims to enhance language learning via a language exchange method and enables participants to make new contacts within the ENHANCE community.

The participants of the Language Tandem project can learn the following six languages: German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish and many others ( English, French, Chinese, Korean, Turkish etc.)


 • Developing communication skills 1 on 1 with a native speaker.
 • Developing listening skills and expanding vocabulary and grammar knowledge.
 • Getting to know up-to-date ICT tools for language learning.
 • Becoming a member of an international learning community.
 • Making new contacts within the ENHANCE community.
 • Exchanging knowledge and experience connected with studying in different countries.
 • Getting prepared for an exchange within the ENHANCE Alliance.
 • Starting new projects within the ENHANCE Alliance.
 • Having an academic record including participation in the Language Tandems project.
 • Developing intercultural competence. 

For more information visit:

website – https://www.enhance-tandems.pw.edu.pl/enhance_tandems_en

facebook – https://www.facebook.com/enhance.tandems

Apply now to Turku Åbo Summer School 2021!

Turku Åbo Summer School offers you Finnish world-class education in an innovative learning environment.

Combine studying with an active social programme and enjoy the best of the Nordic summer!

The fully accredited summer courses run in August 2021 in our newly renovated campus area, Turku Science Park.

Courses 2021

Participation fees

Fees are course-specific (45€–75€).
Please see the course descriptions for detailed prices.

The fee for Social Programme is 100€.


In most cases you are eligible to apply for Turku Åbo Summer School if you are 18 years old and have fluent English language skills.

Start by choosing the course, write a motivation letter and submit your application via online form before 12 April!

Apply here

Internship opportunities for students

¿Te gustaría realizar unas prácticas con la ayuda Erasmus Prácticas?

Puedes consultar aquí más información sobre el programa y algunos ejemplos de ofertas que llegan a nuestra oficina a continuación.

The European Student Placement Agency (ESPA) has new internship opportunities for students, exchange students and ERASMUS+ grant holders in Computer Science!
The following links provide access to description of the vacancies:

Register and apply to internships and once selected they will work closely with the student, your University and the Host Company to agree on the terms of the mobility once the situation gets clearer.

They don’t charge any fee for students or universities and accommodation (utility bills and internet access included) and commuter travel are provided to every ESPA intern for the entire length of their internship.

Do not hesitate to visit their website

Summer School 2021 on Designing Serious Games

The Lucerne School of Computer Science & Information Technology is setting up its second Summer School focusing on Designing Serious Games and they would be happy to welcome international students in that course.

The Summer School will take place from Monday, 16 August to Friday, 20 August 2021. If possible, the Summer School will be held on Campus in Rotkreuz, Switzerland.

Should, however, the Corona-situation not allow classroom teaching, then we will switch to an online format. The decision will be made in May 2021.

More information can be found on our website .

The registration period for international students is from 1 December till 18 January 2021. The application form can be found on the website and should please be sent to international-i@hslu.ch.

9 de mayo, Día de Europa – ¡A disfrutar de la música, el cine y la cultura europea… desde casa!

foto de Comisión Europea en España.
El día 9 de mayo conmemoramos 75 años desde el final de la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Debemos recordar sus historias y nuestra historia compartida.

Cinco años después de que terminara la guerra, el 9 de mayo de 1950, Robert Schuman propuso por primera vez el Plan Schuman, el primer paso hacia la integración europea 🇪🇺. Mañana, día 9 de mayo, celebraremos 70 años de la histórica declaración de Schuman: 70 años de paz 🕊️ y solidaridad 💙 en Europa.

Este año, así lo celebramos: https://ec.europa.eu/spain/events/europe-day_es

Eventos destacados:

Music Europe Day 2020

El 9 de mayo, desde las 12 del mediodía hasta el final del día, podrás disfrutar del Music Europe Day, un gran viaje musical para unir a los europeos, con unos 30 conciertos y conversaciones con artistas de toda Europa. Un homenaje musical a la solidaridad.


Grandes obras de cine europeo en FILMIN

¡Queremos celebrar contigo el Día de Europa! Desde casa, pero…  ¡por todo lo alto!  Hemos creado un canal en FILMIN para que disfrutes de una selección muy especial de cine europeo hasta el 10 de mayo. Podrás disfrutar de títulos relevantes elegidos por las embajadas de los países de la UE que se han sumado a participar en esta iniciativa. Te contamos cómo.

1)     Debes solicitar un código en el siguiente enlace: http://cinediadeeuropa.filmin.es/ (link is external)
2)      Después, te registras o accedes con tu usuario de FILMIN en www.filmin.es (link is external)
3)     A continuación te diriges a www.filmin.es/codigo (link is external) y canjeas el código obtenido previamente en el paso 1.
4)     Una vez canjeado, podrán escoger la película que desean ver dentro de  la plataforma del festival: https://www.filmin.es/canal/cinediadeeuropa (link is external)

SEPIE – Servicio Español para la Internacionalización de la Educación (http://www.sepie.es/)

Participa en todas las actividades que hemos preparado. Utiliza las etiquetas #DíaDeEuropa y #SoyErasmus para participar en el sorteo que tenemos entre manos.

Accede al siguiente enlace interactivo donde te explicamos todos los pasos detalladamente 👉 http://sepie.es/doc/comunicacion/publicaciones/2020/infografia_dia_de_europa.pdf

¡Y a disfrutar de la música, el cine y la cultura europea… desde casa!

#ErasmusPlus es #Unión #Solidaridad #Paz y #Europa