Prácticas en la Institución del Defensor del Pueblo Europeo: Web development – OMB/T/2022/2

IT traineeship 2022 – Web developer trainee

The European Ombudsman’s mission is to support European citizenship. We do this by dealing with complaints and by working with the institutions of the EU to help create a more accountable, transparent, ethical and effective administration. To fulfil this mission, we deal with complaints concerning maladministration by EU institutions, conduct own-initiative inquiries into systemic issues, and encourage good administrative practices in the EU’s administration.
Our guiding principles are independence, integrity, fairness, accountability, transparency, dialogue, and service.

Equal opportunities
The European Ombudsman is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications from anybody who meets the eligibility criteria and required qualifications. We will try to accommodate the needs of applicants with disabilities.


Candidates should be nationals of a Member State of the European Union, or of an accession/candidate country.

Candidates should not have benefitted, for more than eight consecutive weeks or two full months, from a previous paid traineeship or work contract in a European institution, body, agency, office, service, delegation, representation, including the office of a Member of the European Parliament or of a European political group.

Candidates should either have a Master’s/Engineer degree in software development or be in the process of completing it. In the latter case, the traineeship can be part of their master/engineer programme.

Candidates should have a thorough knowledge of one of the official languages of the EU and very good knowledge of another. The working languages are English and/or French.

2.Required qualifications

● Good knowledge of Java, Angular, and HTML5/CSS3
● Knowledge of Hibernate, Spring, Javascript, Typescript, SQL, dotNET, C-sharp, MS Sharepoint or MS CRM Dynamics would be an advantage.

3.Tasks and tools to be used

The web developer trainee will assist in the development of the Ombudsman’s Internet and Extranet sites ( and of internal web based applications.

During the traineeship, the trainee will be using the following tools:
● Analysis: Magic Draw (UML)
● Design: IntelliJ / MS Visual Studio
● Testing: JUnit, Selenium
● Project Management: Jira
● Quality: Sonar
● Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Maven
● Manager Version: Git

4.Location, timing, and duration of the traineeship

The traineeship will take place in Strasbourg. Subject to developments in the COVID-19 sanitary crisis, the selected trainee may be required to do extensive telework during the traineeship.

The starting date can be agreed with the selected trainee but the traineeship should ideally start on 1 May 2022.

The traineeship has a maximum duration of 12 months. A shorter duration may be agreed upon request.

Trainees receive a monthly grant in accordance with the conditions defined in the Decision of the European Ombudsman concerning traineeships (see: additional information). The grant for the Strasbourg-based trainees is approximately €1450 per month. Additionally, trainees receive a €40 monthly supplement as support for their internet connection.

5.Application & selection procedure

The deadline for applications is 21 February 2022 at 13:00 (Brussels time).

To apply, please only use our online application form available at:

The selection procedure comprises two stages: preselection based on the application (CV and motivation letter) and final selection following a test and an interview.
Candidates will receive relevant information by e-mail.

6.Additional Information

For further information concerning the terms and conditions of the traineeship, please refer to the Decision of the European Ombudsman concerning traineeships which applies by analogy for the web developer traineeship.

For general information on the processing of your personal data see


For further information regarding the web developer traineeship, please contact:


Tel.: +33 3 88 17 44 10


Becas movilidad Centro de Cooperación al Desarrollo UPV (Meridies-PCD)

Abiertas las convocatorias de becas del Centro de Cooperación al Desarrollo (CCD)

El CCD lanza sus becas anuales de movilidad: Programa Meridies y Programa de Cooperación al Desarrollo. Participa en un proyecto de cooperación en África, Asia o Latinoamérica. Conoce las bases y prepara la solicitud hasta el 11 de marzo (para Meridies) o el 4 de abril (para el primer plazo de Programa de Cooperación). Busca la charla informativa en tu Escuela.

Tándems lingüísticos ENHANCE – Charla de presentación

Queremos informarte de un proyecto que puede ayudarte a aprender o practicar lenguas extranjeras y a desarrollar competencias de comunicación intercultural, de forma gratuita y sin moverte de casa. Se trata de una iniciativa de ”internacionalización en casa” de la UPV.

Desde 2020 UPV forma parte de una alianza de 7 universidades europeas llamada ENHANCE University Alliance. Este consorcio está desarrollando una especie de “supercampus” y trabajando en muchos proyectos: titulaciones más integradas, más facilitad para la movilidad, investigar e innovar juntos para solucionar problemas y retos medioambientales, urbanos, sociales….

ENHANCE ha creado un proyecto de tándems lingüísticos, que te ofrece la posibilidad de conectar online con estudiantes y personal matriculados en otras universidades de la red ENHANCE para hacer intercambios de conversación con hablantes nativos (o con nivel avanzado).

La próxima semana (jueves 27 enero, 12:00 ) se ha organizado un kick-off meeting (charla de lanzamiento) para la comunidad UPV, que servirá para dar a conocer el proyecto y para resolver cualquier duda. Te invitamos a registrarte a la charla de para conocer el proyecto.


Do you want to learn new languages with native speakers for free?

Join the Language Tandem project within the ENHANCE Alliance, meet people from 7 universities and exchange languages.

Over 700 people have already joined the project and found tandem partners to practice foreign languages with. 

Whether you are planning to study abroad or you want to develop your communication skills, don’t miss this unique opportunity. Register in the link below for the Kick-Off Meeting and find out more about the project.

It will be on Thursday 27 January 2022, 12.00-13:00

Meeting agenda:

1. Language Tandem project presentation

2. How to find a Language Tandem partner – Webex presentation

3. Language & Culture Quiz

4. Questions&Answers session


The Language Tandems within the ENHANCE Alliance is a project for students, doctoral candidates, academic and administrative staff that aims to enhance language learning via a language exchange method and enables participants to make new contacts within the ENHANCE community.

The participants of the Language Tandem project can learn the following six languages: German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish and many others ( English, French, Chinese, Korean, Turkish etc.)


 • Developing communication skills 1 on 1 with a native speaker.
 • Developing listening skills and expanding vocabulary and grammar knowledge.
 • Getting to know up-to-date ICT tools for language learning.
 • Becoming a member of an international learning community.
 • Making new contacts within the ENHANCE community.
 • Exchanging knowledge and experience connected with studying in different countries.
 • Getting prepared for an exchange within the ENHANCE Alliance.
 • Starting new projects within the ENHANCE Alliance.
 • Having an academic record including participation in the Language Tandems project.
 • Developing intercultural competence. 

For more information visit:

website –

facebook –

Invitation for students to INSA Lyon’s Online Open Day – Saturday 29 January 2022

INSA Lyon’s Online Open Day!Saturday 29 January from 9am to 6pm (CET – UTC+1) 100% digital

Link to join the INSA Lyon’s Online Open day

This event will be held mostly in French, but it will still feature sections adapted to international visitors and that will certainly be of interest to students: virtual tours of our campus and the 9 engineering departments, an «Exchange students» web page with videos in English, Discord® chat rooms… It is also a good opportunity for those who have already expressed their wish to come to INSA Lyon in 2022, to immerse themselves in their future environment and to know us better.

Registration is required to access all content on the event website.

Exchange students webpage

MSc degree program: “Smart Agricultural Technologies” en Grecia o Hungría – Becas

Announcement of the new International Erasmus MSc degree program: “Smart Agricultural Technologies”

In October 2022, a new International Erasmus MSc degree program will be launched for international postgraduate students interested in ICT/IoT for Agricultural applications. This program is a 1-year multidisciplinary (Agriculture, Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical, Computing) and taught entirely in English, in Greece or Hungary.

Admissions are now open for the 2022-2023 academic year:

Please visit our website ( and the Program Brochure: For further information or group bookings you can reach us at:

Program Highlights:

The MSc degree is funded via the Erasmus+ Program, offering a total of 40 scholarships (covering fees & mobility costs) for the first academic year (Oct 2022 – June 2023), in addition to a one-month industrial practice across Europe at the end of the study period. The program is designed to educate the next generation of engineers, agriculture professionals with the necessary skills & knowledge to work in the rapidly rising “Smart Agriculture” industry. This joint multidisciplinary Masters degree is developed by a consortium of six leading European universities (University of Porto, International Hellenic University, University of Debrecen, University Pompeu Fabra, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences), three SME’s (Cerca Trova Ltd, ECQA GmbH, Evolutionary Archetypes Consulting SL), one research centre (Mediterranean Agronomic Institute Of Chania) and four agriculture organisations (Ktima Filippou Schoinoplokakis, Agriwatch BV, Agroop Lda, Regional Federation of CUMA of the West).

Aalto Science Institute: Summer research program

Os recordamos que el lunes 31 de enero termina el periodo de inscripción para este programa:

The Aalto Science Institute internship programme offers undergraduate and master’s students summer employment opportunities to participate first-hand in topical research, to interact with the premier research groups at Aalto University, and to network in an international environment. The 2022 summer internships program is going ahead. The application period is 03.01.2022 – 31.01.2022. Follow the links below for details. There are 54 positions across the fields of science and engineering. For general questions concerning the internships or application procedure, contact the AScI coordinator at

Para más información, puedes consultar:

Aalto Science Institute AScI internship programme

How to apply to the AScI internship programme

Entrada del blog sobre el Summer research program in Aalto Science Institute

Nuevo «Pan-European Seal Programme» 2022-2023

Se ha  publicado en la web de Programas de Titulados del SIE:  , la convocatoria para la pre-selección de titulados de GRADO y/o estudiantes/titulados de MÁSTER UNIVERSITARIO (con compromiso de finalizarlo en Septiembre 2022, en caso de estar ahora cursándolo) para el nuevo programa “Pan-European Seal Programme”.

Qué se ofrece:

Preselección para participar en el proceso de selección para prácticas de 12 meses en la EUROPEAN PATENT OFFICE (EPO) en MUNICH ALEMANIA ó en la OFICINA DE PROPIEDAD INTELECTUAL DE LA UNIÓN EUROPEA (EUIPO) en ALICANTE con una remuneración mensual  (en caso de la EPO 2.000€ Brutos/mes, en caso de la EUIPO 1000€ Brutos/mes), del ámbito de las Ciencias y las Ingenierías (en concreto de las áreas de  conocimiento de ingeniería química, biotecnología, ingeniería mecánica, ingeniería eléctrica, ingeniería electrónica, diseño industrial, informática, e ingeniería de telecomunicaciones);  Arquitectura, Ingeniería Civil , Logística, Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicación, Administración y Dirección de Empresas y Económicas & Finanzas, dependiendo de las plazas ofertadas en una oficina u otra, pues estas son diferentes.

A quién va dirigido: titulados de GRADO y/o estudiantes de MÁSTER UNIVERSITARIO (con compromiso de finalizarlo en Septiembre 2022, en caso de estar ahora cursándolo)

Plazo: 17 de Febrero de 2022, antes de las 14:00 de la mañana.

Dónde: Enviar la documentación de solicitud a:

Ver más información aquí:


Servicio Integrado de Empleo UPV (SIE)

96.387.90.14; 96.387.78.87

Cursos de idiomas del Centro de Lenguas UPV


Los cursos están adaptados a los niveles del Marco Común Europeo de Referencia para las Lenguas (MCER) y a las Certificaciones CertAcles.

En la web tiene toda la información de matrícula, horarios, precios y requisitos sobre:

 ·     Pruebas de nivel (enero 2022)

·     Cursos cuatrimestrales (febrero a mayo 2022)

·     Cursos online (febrero a mayo 2022)

Puede descargar nuestros folletos informativos en PDF de los:

Cursos cuatrimestrales

Según las medidas de prevención COVID-19 estipuladas en la universidad, los cursos serán presenciales, a excepción de los cursos ya planificados como online.


Abierto el periodo de matriculación de los cursos extensivos de italiano (de febrero a junio 2022).

Son 50 horas (3 horas semanales).

Quien tenga solicitada una beca Erasmus, tiene un 20% de descuento. Con el descuento, el precio es de 272 Eur (todo el curso, no hay tasa de matrícula).


Centro G. Leopardi – Scuola di Lingua e Cultura Italiana

C/ Micer Mascó 6 – Piso 1 – Pta 2

46010 València

Tlf: +34 96 362 17 11 – Móvil y whatsapp: +34 669 115 437