TUM Global Week 2022: Join us from June 27 – July 1

¿Pensando ir a la Technische Universität München o a Alemania de Erasmus?

Estas actividades entonces son perfectas para ti.

Together with the TUM Global Network, colleagues from the TUM Center for Study and Teaching, TUM ForTe, the TUM Graduate School, TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning, TUM: Junge Akademie, TUM Language Center, Center for Global Health at TUM, the German-French Academy for the Industry of the Future, and our international partners, the TUM Global & Alumni Office once again proudly presents a diverse program, offering an engaging platform for the whole TUM community.

We would like to draw your particular attention to the following events:

  • Coming to TUM as an exchange student. (June 30, 2022. 01.00 p.m. – 03.30 p.m. [CEST]). This event is aimed at partner universities and also directly at students who are interested to come to TUM for an exchange. We will introduce requirements and opportunities for a stay abroad at TUM. On top of that, we will also introduce you to Munich with a virtual city tour, as an exchange is about immersing yourself into a new culture and therefore goes beyond the academic aspect.
  • Fit for studying in Germany – An intercultural workshop. (July 01, 2022. 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. [CEST]). Does studying at a German university in Munich differ from studying back home? How do some of the differences in communication styles between professors, students, and advisors reflect general German cultural standards and values? In this taster workshop, you deepen your knowledge about Germany and the Germans and also do some self-reflection on how cultures have shaped and influenced your life so far.

You have the complete calendar and how to register in each of the events in the details of them here: https://www.international.tum.de/en/global/tumglobalweek/